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Track 1: Raga Gaud Sarang

Track 2: Raga Bhoopali

Track 3: Bhajan (Janaki Naath Sahaya)

Tabla: Gurumurthy Vaidya; Harmonium: Vyasmurthy Katti

Raga Sangeet Book Cover

Raga sangeet: Understanding Hindustani Classical Vocal Music


In an incredible effort, this short book takes one through a musical journey of a lifetime. From mastering a single note to the complexities of raga exposition and emotional expression, from the basic musical perception of time to masterful and intricate rhythmic play, it explores a student’s journey through learning, assimilation and an ultimate alchemic transformation into an artiste. For connoisseurs as well as newly initiated musicians it unravels the deepest mysteries and lays out innermost concepts of the great art form that is Indian classical vocal music for all to appreciate and partake of.